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Unsworth local election debate sponsored by Spotted Unsworth: uncut

Last night I sat on the candidate’s panel of the very first Unsworth ward local election debate, featuring the 3 candidates vying for your vote in the upcoming local election on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Seated from

Six Town Housing Launch Annual Gardening Competition

SIX Town Housing are inviting green-fingered residents to show off their gardening efforts in their annual competition. The competition aims to celebrate the hard work of residents living in homes Six Town Housing manage across Bury. The

Hollins Brow to close for 5 weeks for resurfacing works

With thanks to the excellent Spotted Unsworth Facebook group, we are informed that Hollins Brow will be closing on Tuesday 8th May 2018 for approximately 5 weeks so that the council can re-surface the road. The diversion

New planning application – Unsworth (Hollins)

The following planning application has been received by Bury Council for a development in Unsworth ward. Change of use from church hall (Class D1) to office with store and workshop area (Class B1) Open for Comment Unsworth

Unsworth library building update

Several  months after closing both Unsworth and Whitefield libraries, taking a whole bunch of community services with them when they went, Bury’s Labour party are patting themselves on the back and telling residents they’ve “saved” the buildings.

Whitefield Mercedes dealership plans to build on Unsworth nature reserve

Not content with demolishing three perfectly good cottages to make way for 20 “customer car parking spaces” LSH Auto Properties (UK) who own the dealership on Manchester Road have submitted a further planning application for 22 “staff

Planning application update: Unsworth Smile Clinic appeal refused

Back in March I wrote here about the refusal of a planning application by the Unsworth Smile Clinic to extend above their existing property located at the Unsworth Pole. Since then, the applicant has appealed to the

Update: Castlebrook High School planning application submitted

I recently attended the consultation event held at Castlebrook High School where the plans for a rebuild of the new school were showcased. The Shaw Education Trust have now submitted their planning application to Bury Council and

Hollins Conservation Group needs your help

Posted on behalf of the Hollins Conservation Group: Hollins Conservation Group would like the support of the whole community. Over the past twelve months we have been working hard to improve Hollins Village. Clearing litter, removing weeds,

Planning application update/resubmission: Hathaway Road

In February I mentioned a planning application on Hathaway Road which received a number of objections. The application has now been significantly adjusted and re-submitted to Bury Council, as I suspected it might be. The details can