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Elections 2017

Very few people will be unaware of the upcoming General Election which is due to take place on June 8th 2017, but there are a couple of other very important elections which are due to take place

Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections 4 May 2017

Residents will now be receiving polling cards for an extra election this year. Voters across Greater Manchester will be asked to vote for the first elected ‘Mayor of Greater Manchester’. Voting takes place on Thursday 4 May

Police & Crime Commissioner end of term feedback

On Thursday 4th May 2017 all of the Greater Manchester councils (including Bury) will hold an election to decide who will be the region’s next Mayor. I sincerely hope you will consider voting for the Liberal Democrat

“It’s time to scrap GMSF” says Mayoral Candidate

JANE BROPHY, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, is calling for the Greater Manchester Spacial Framework (GMSF) to be scrapped. The GMSF process will only go ahead if all ten councils in Greater Manchester