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Unsworth local election debate sponsored by Spotted Unsworth: uncut

Last night I sat on the candidate’s panel of the very first Unsworth ward local election debate, featuring the 3 candidates vying for your vote in the upcoming local election on Thursday 3rd May 2018. Seated from

Lib Dems Commit to End Rough Sleeping

The Liberal Democrats have become the first major party to commit to ending the “national scandal” of rough sleeping across Britain, including across Greater Manchester. The latest figures show there were 189 people sleeping rough in Greater

Planning application update: 247 Sunny Bank Road

Just a quick update to everyone know that the application to move the Unsworth Smile Clinic from its current Parr Lane location to 247 Sunny Bank Road has been considered by council officers and permission has been

One month later and still nothing done to repair vandalised bin

Last month I wrote this post about the lack of maintenance to the parks in Unsworth and Whitefield. In particular, I noted that a vandalised bin in Sunny Bank Wood had not been repaired by Bury Council,